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пятница, 19 апреля 2019 г.

Highest Classical Concert. Himalayas' 5000m Evelina De Lain - documentary teaser

    Классический концерт над облаками. Гималаи - 5000 метров. 
Эвелина де Лейн - документальный тизер («дразнилка, завлекалка» — рекламное сообщение, построенное как загадка, которое содержит часть информации о продукте).

"Documentary teaser - performing at the altitude of 5000m in Shingo La Pass, Jammy and Kashmir, Indian Himalayas. 
I'd like to thank Dmitry Jemelins, Domnul Tz and Chip Phillips for filming and support.
Edited by Chip Phillips and me. 
Concert is produced by Desmond Gentle who sadly passed away 2 weeks after our return from Himalayas. 
This is all real and it’s hard to believe now that it happened fairly recently… 
There’s no re-dubbing, all the audio is from the actual performance - so we have the answer on how the piano sounds at this altitude - better!!!

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